We are proud to be able to combine world-class advisory standards and gather the most relevant data on Africa for your decision-making and investment needs in a region where publicly available information is rarely available and very rarely accurate or up-to-date.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the specificities of African markets in terms of business environment, regulations, and local market context.


Ivory Coast: Your Brave Legions Against COVID-19

April 8, 2020-The post-COVID-19 world will never be the same again, but we believe that this crisis represents a unique opportunity to transform both the structures of African economies and champions.

80% of our activities are carried out with long-term clients.

Our ability to execute


Strategy, Organization and Restructuring

Big Data & Analytics

Market research and data mining, business intelligence


High value-added IT solutions

We are experts in deploying performance improvement strategies and tools and have unique capabilities in terms of primary data research.

Major African companies, multinationals, governments, international donors and private equity funds trust us to support them in the deployment of their strategy, the improvement of their performance and during their key transactions on the continent.

35 consultants, statisticians and computer scientists in our offices in Abidjan, Cameroon, and the United States

Data collection network with 450 ECOWAS and CEMAC field investigators

More than 100 projects completed in the last 4 years

Footprint in 29 French and English-speaking African countries

Why trust us

We commit all our resources

We work with our clients on the most complex issues and identify the most attractive opportunities for them. We have developed detailed knowledge bases in many of the continent’s key countries and sectors.

This knowledge allows us to help our clients tackle and solve challenges.

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