Strategy, Organization and Restructuring

A coherent, well-designed and achievable strategy is essential to the success of any organization. This success requires a clear delineation of the scope of activity in which the company will have to operate, an understanding of the characteristics of current and future competitive advantages, and the ability to preserve and develop these advantages.

OnPoint has extensive experience in formulating strategies that integrate the nuances and characteristics of African markets, the specific needs and capabilities of the client, and the competitive environment. We have expertise in various fields.


  • Development of integrated strategic plans
  • Portfolio strategy development
  • Value chain analysis
  • Development of entry strategies into new markets
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Understanding the market:

Understanding market expectations, analysis of point of sale coverage, notoriety vs. competitors analysis, evaluation of pricing strategies, benchmarking of competitors’ offers.

Strategic plan:

Detailed analysis of historical performance, mapping of key processes, organizational analysis, identification of operational optimization levers, identification of required strategic investments, quantified implementation of the strategic vision in 3-5 years.

Strategy by business line or functional unit:

Definition of the roadmap that will preserve the efficiency and competitive advantages of a department.

Marketing and sales strategy:

Analysis of consumer perception, development of product offerings by customer segment, measurement of the effectiveness of the distribution channel, and return on investment of sales actions. Evaluation of brand perception, development and optimization of pricing strategy.

Market entry strategy:

Development of a roadmap to enter a specific region or country in sub-Saharan Africa: details of an operational market penetration model.

Growth strategy:

Determination of growth opportunities to be pursued and how to implement them: understanding the business environment, evaluation of the positioning of key players, evaluation of the size of target markets, comparative analysis of organic growth vs. external growth, identification of value creation opportunities, detection of risks associated with the activity.


  • Optimization of purchasing policies
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Operational restructuring
  • Reorganization plan and process engineering
  • Optimization of pricing policies
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In the current African context, some companies are facing serious difficulties due to strategic errors, an inability to anticipate market transformations, or structural liquidity difficulties. A robust reorganization plan that integrates the needs of shareholders is therefore imperative.

In order to be successful again, companies must answer some crucial questions:

  • How can we quickly stop the cash flow?
  • How to free up and generate new cash for operational needs?
  • How to focus on the most profitable parts of the business in the future?

Our restructuring approach focuses on the vital operational, strategic, organizational and financial levers to ensure a solid recovery. We can validate a restructuring plan or develop a plan adapted to the specificities of the company. By combining our sectoral knowledge with our methodological tools and frameworks, we can quickly add value.

Cash inflow plan:

Identification of quick wins in order to give a breath of fresh air: asset disposal plan (furniture, real estate, financial…) and implementation of actions to stop the bleeding: optimization of costs (cost reduction program).

Crisis exit plan:

Review of positioning, reorientation of activities, refocusing on high value-added elements.

Operational execution:

Support for the teams to take charge of the restructuring, management of PMO, support to refine and fluidify the interactions between the parties.


  • Sectoral attractiveness
  • 100-day plan
  • Financial evaluation
  • Market research studies
  • Due Diligence



  • Mergers and acquisitions screens
  • Post-merger integrations
  • Preparation of the disinvestment
  • Preparation of the proponent for tangible capital asset operations


We have an in-depth knowledge of the specificities of African markets in terms of infrastructure, regulations, business environment, local partners, customer needs, and competitive landscape.


We commit all our resources

We work with our clients on the most complex issues and identify the most attractive opportunities for them. We have developed detailed knowledge bases in many of the continent’s key countries and sectors.

This knowledge allows us to help our clients tackle and solve challenges.

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