Activity Sectors

Our expertise applies to several sectors

The varied experiences of our employees have enabled us to develop an innovative approach specific to African specificities.

Our assets are:

  • Innovative approach, thanks to the varied experiences of our experts working in the field, an essential step in the collection of reliable data,
  • Understanding of African specificities, linked to the collection of data that have so far been non-existent or relatively complex to find and that we have available on the continent,
  • Compliance with international standards, resulting from the significant experience abroad of the majority of our employees,
  • Flexibility in our approach in order to better respond to your problems as quickly as possible.

Agribusiness, Retail Industrials, FMCG

  • Market research studies
  • Restructuring and strategic planning
  • Pricing strategy
  • Optimization of purchasing policies
  • Cost optimization

Insurance, banking and financial services

  • Strategic plan
  • Marketing and positioning strategy
  • Process reorganization and optimization
  • Network optimization
  • Mobile money strategy


  • Growth strategy
  • Loyalty strategy
  • Value-added service strategy
  • Cost and capex optimization
  • Customer care engineering

Energy and Water

  • Distribution strategy
  • Market research studies
  • Mapping of the downstream
  • Optimization of back office costs
  • Supply chain optimization

Create client value


OnPoint Africa Group supports you to perfectly satisfy customer requirements (throughout the entire interaction process with the company) and to optimise your business strategy by seeking maximum profitability based on “client potential”.

Big Data & Analytics

  • Market studies on the sectors of activity in the sub-region
  • Studies of the location of branches and points of sale
  • Targeting and customer acquisition studies
  • Provision of proprietary databases

High value-added IT solutions

  • Analysis tools: Internal rating system
  • Integrated management software package (ERP & CRM)
  • Control tool (Workflows)
  • Relational databases and big data platforms


We commit all our resources

We work with our clients on complex issues and identify the most attractive opportunities for them. We have developed detailed knowledge bases in many of the continent’s key countries and sectors.

This knowledge allows us to help our clients tackle and solve challenges. 

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